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Mobile Conveying Services caters for all aspects of the Shipping industry.


Loading ships – spot or seasonal opportunities

Mobile conveying equipment can be used on general purpose wharves can be used to load bulk cargo where it is not economical to have permanent loading equipment. This opens up spot and seasonal opportunities and can shorten transport distances compared to using a wharf with a permanent bulk loading facility.

Loading ships – replace fixed shiploader during downtime

MCS has supplied equipment to a number of wharves around Australia to allow loading to continue during downtime to the fixed shiploader.

Unloading ships

Ships with onboard unloading facilities can feed mobile conveyors to minimise rehandling in transferring bulk material to storage.

Stockpiling material at the wharf

Bulk commodities can be stockpiled at the wharf using mobile conveyors either prior to shipping or after unloading from a ship.

Transfer material from stockpile to shiploader

There are a number of options for economically transferring bulk material from permanent and temporary storage facilities for ship loading.

Unloading rail transport at the wharf

Portable and semi-permanent rail unloaders can be supplied for unloading rail wagons and transferring to storage or direct to the ship loader.

Unloading Road Transport at The Wharf

Truck unloaders can be used for transferring from transport direct to a ship loader or to wharf storage.

Loading barges – fixed facility

For permanent and long-term project opportunities, fixed telescopic conveyors can be supplied for loading barges.

Loading barges – temporary facility

Mobile conveyors can be used for loading barges for short-term or intermittent applications.

Offloading from barges

Having a telescopic mobile conveyor and excavator on board a barge used for transporting bulk material (e.g. for island or remote coastal projects)means that material can be transferred direct from barge to truck, minimising the infrastructure required for offloading.


Applications include backfilling tailings dams, loading train conveyors from stockpile, building and drawing down on temporary stockpiles, and more.


Applications include placing unpumpable concrete, placing bulk materials in areas with no or limited direct access, and more.


MCS has Australia-wide experience in loading a range of bulk materials from general purpose wharves using mobile conveyors.


This equipment suits both fixed and short-term applications, and is as transportable as mobile crushers and screens.


Mobile conveyors are the ideal solution for backfilling over geotextiles without compromising their integrity, and are highly productive.


Commercial and domestic building sites regularly use mobile conveyors to place backfill and other materials in areas with restricted or no vehicle access.

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