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Backfilling over geotextile

Earthmoving equipment can cause mechanical damage to seams and geotextile if insufficient care is taken. Telebelts don’t pose this mechanical risk and can safely achieve high backfill rates.

Placing soil and landscaping material on batters

Telebelts can evenly and accurately place soil and landscaping material on batters, and are suitable for filling confinement structures through the ability to control belt speed and discharge height.

Placing soil and landscaping material in inaccessible areas

The location and shape of run-off catchments and the like can make it difficult for earthmoving equipment to safely access for construction and maintenance. A Telebelt can transfer and distribute material such that minimal finishing work is required.

Placing soil and landscaping material in sensitive areas

Telebelts can be used to place soil along creek banks or on fauna bridges, where using construction equipment would be unsafe or damage the environment.

Backfilling around underground water storage tanks

No machinery weight is borne by the tanks during backfilling when a Telebelt is used. The belt speed and discharge height can be controlled to further reduce the risk of damage.

Placing material for building artificial wetlands, phytocaps, etc

The slewing and telescoping capabilities of a Telebelt mean that it can place material evenly in areas with a freeform shape that can be difficult for earthmoving equipment to work in.

Because the placing equipment does not place load on the area being filled, compaction that can inhibit plant establishment and growth is avoided.

Filling gabions

A Telebelt provides a faster means of filling gabions compared to a loader or excavator bucket, and involves less spillage. It is particularly suited to sites where there are access restrictions on the use of loaders or excavators.

Avoiding disturbance to turf or vegetation

A Telebelt can convey material over the top of turf or valuable or sensitive vegetation, avoiding or minimising disturbance to existing environmental infrastructure and doing away with the need to create a haul road.


Applications include backfilling tailings dams, loading train conveyors from stockpile, building and drawing down on temporary stockpiles, and more.


Applications include placing unpumpable concrete, placing bulk materials in areas with no or limited direct access, and more.


MCS has Australia-wide experience in loading a range of bulk materials from general purpose wharves using mobile conveyors.


This equipment suits both fixed and short-term applications, and is as transportable as mobile crushers and screens.


Mobile conveyors are the ideal solution for backfilling over geotextiles without compromising their integrity, and are highly productive.


Commercial and domestic building sites regularly use mobile conveyors to place backfill and other materials in areas with restricted or no vehicle access.

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