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The equipment brands sold and operated by MCS are market leaders in their sectors and in their home markets.

Understanding industry needs

MCS pulley, idler and belt cleaner options demonstrate an understanding of the common problems facing conveyor users and provide robust, effective solutions to these potential problems.

We also provide a broad range of transfer conveyor solutions to suit various distance, mobility and throughput requirements.

While these provide a viable alternative to loader shuttling and short haul dump truck cycles, we also have equipment to complement the use of dump trucks. Truck unloaders provide a productive means of transferring bulk material from a truck for ship loading or building site stockpiles.

There are also solutions for drawing material from large stockpiles, so that complete bulk handling solutions can be developed using combinations of equipment to suit the application.

The solutions we offer are complemented by the range of truck and train unloading solutions that suit casual, semi-permanent and permanent applications.

Contract & hire performance

MCS operates a hire and contracting fleet, and performance in this context includes ongoing reliability. MCS inspects all equipment before it goes to a major project, and conducts rebuilds and belt changes as required to ensure reliability over its working life.

Modifications are made where necessary to improve safety, reliability and serviceability. Close relationships with manufacturers and use of trained MCS personnel means that any modifications are undertaken with the knowledge and approval of the manufacturer.

Mobile conveying equipment provides performance through continuous rather than cyclical operation, operating where it is unsafe or environmentally unsound to use mobile equipment, and is precise in its placement and low in its manpower and energy input requirements.

Performing through planning

A large element of performance is planning, and MCS has experience in mobile conveying that is second to none in Australia. Early involvement in a project allows MCS to recommend the best practical solutions (both methods and equipment) and ensure that the equipment is available when required. The experience means that MCS can provide realistic productivity projections for forward planning and advise on the optimum site configuration for optimising productivity.


Applications include backfilling tailings dams, loading train conveyors from stockpile, building and drawing down on temporary stockpiles, and more.


Applications include placing unpumpable concrete, placing bulk materials in areas with no or limited direct access, and more.


MCS has Australia-wide experience in loading a range of bulk materials from general purpose wharves using mobile conveyors.


This equipment suits both fixed and short-term applications, and is as transportable as mobile crushers and screens.


Mobile conveyors are the ideal solution for backfilling over geotextiles without compromising their integrity, and are highly productive.


Commercial and domestic building sites regularly use mobile conveyors to place backfill and other materials in areas with restricted or no vehicle access.

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