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MCS is the largest owner/operator of Telebelt telescopic conveyors and operates these only on wet hire or contract, using its highly skilled operators.
MCS also has stacker and transfer conveyors and truck unloaders in its hire fleet, and will consider the purchase of other equipment for long-term projects. It will also consider dry hire of this equipment if an MCS supervisor is engaged.

Hire suits short-term applications and applications where the scope is unknown or where there is intermittent demand for mobile conveying equipment. Some clients also prefer hire to contract for longer-term applications, even where the scope is reasonably well known.

The key point is that MCS can operate on whatever basis the client is most comfortable with, and in some instances the basis of engagement has altered as a project has progressed.

Applications suited to hire include:
Limited or no direct access
Limited or no direct access

Telescopic conveyors can be placed

  • Over houses, drains, walls, watercourses, turf, environmentally sensitive ground, etc.
  • Under and through buildings.
  • In narrow or steep corridors that earthmoving equipment cannot access.

The transfer to conveyor can generally be done in a readily accessible location.

Material transfer
Material transfer
  • Truck, rail wagon, ship or barge to stockpile.
  • Truck or train to barge or ship.
  • Barge to dump truck or tipper.
  • Truck, rail wagon, ship or barge to stockpile.
  • Stockpile to ship, train, truck or rail wagon.
  • Filling behind retaining walls from either side.
  • Placing cover over geotextile without damaging seams or material.
  • Filling around pipes or underground tanks where earthmoving equipment does not have safe access.
  • High productivity on mass concrete pours.
  • Placing unpumpable concrete e.g. RCC, fibre concrete.
  • Placing concrete over reinforcing for concrete pavers, laser screeds.
  • Placing concrete in areas with low head room.
  • Placing concrete into tremies (faster than a kibble).
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