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Mobile Conveying Services caters for all aspects of the Mining industry.


Building stockpiles

Telescopic radial stackers can build high volume stockpiles for ore or coal awaiting transport, or overburden awaiting rehabilitation.

Feeding train loading belt

Dozer traps can cover for scheduled or unscheduled downtime of a permanent stacker reclaimer system, or can provide a permanent solution for feeding a train loading belt from stockpiles. As a permanent solution using multiple dozer traps, it is possible to keep a dozer trap on standby to cover breakdown or maintenance without compromising production, or for satellite loading jobs in the mine.

Loading an overland conveyor from a satellite pit

Material from satellite pits can be loaded onto the overland conveyor as an alternative to using trucks. Impact beds can be supplied for the loading area.

Heap leaching

Superior has developed tracked transfer conveyors to work with tracked radial stackers in heap leaching applications. Using conveyors avoids the compaction of the heap caused by using loaders to build the heap, which decreases the effectiveness of the process.

Backfilling tailings dams

Conveyors are a safer alternative to using dozers to push material out. The largest mobile conveyor in the fleet has a 61m reach, and a thrower belt can be fitted to the end of the conveyor if additional reach is required.

Loading road trains

A telescopic conveyor is an alternative to a wheel loader for loading road trains, particularly if it is integrated with complementary conveyor equipment.

Working with surface miners

Surface miners produce sized material that is suitable for conveying. MCS has developed concepts for using surface miners with mobile conveying equipment to have start-up mines operating with minimal permanent infrastructure, providing early cash flow. This can be developed into a Pit to Port solution using mobile equipment at a general purpose wharf for unloading road trains, stockpiling and loading ships.

Depending on volumes, this can be a permanent solution for low volume, high value ores or it can be a start-up solution providing cash flow while permanent infrastructure is being built.

Placing material for rehabilitation after mining

By combining truck unloaders with a telescopic radial conveyor, material can be placed for rehabilitation to meet slope and other requirements of the reinstated land form using minimal equipment.

Backfilling shafts

Where it is unsafe for mobile equipment to approach the backfill zone, a telescopic conveyor can be used to provide the required reach. MCS has developed a technique for placing mortar over aggregate on the belt, with the materials mixing on the belt to produce a concrete mix at discharge.


Applications include backfilling tailings dams, loading train conveyors from stockpile, building and drawing down on temporary stockpiles, and more.


Applications include placing unpumpable concrete, placing bulk materials in areas with no or limited direct access, and more.


MCS has Australia-wide experience in loading a range of bulk materials from general purpose wharves using mobile conveyors.


This equipment suits both fixed and short-term applications, and is as transportable as mobile crushers and screens.


Mobile conveyors are the ideal solution for backfilling over geotextiles without compromising their integrity, and are highly productive.


Commercial and domestic building sites regularly use mobile conveyors to place backfill and other materials in areas with restricted or no vehicle access.

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