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Placing concrete and bulk material in places with low head height

With the slew of the feed and discharge belts being independently controlled, a Telebelt can be placed so that the feed belt is close to street access for agitators or tippers, minimising turnaround time, while the discharge belt can discharge over a wide area without the need to move the machine. Less head height is required for setting up a Telebelt than for a concrete pump.

Placing concrete over reinforcing for laser screeding

Fibre-reinforced concrete and other unpumpable mixes can be placed with a Telebelt. A Telebelt can work with low headroom, such as inside large buildings. The discharge rate means than more than one agitator can be used to feed the belt, speeding overall slab construction time.

Transferring bulk material from road to basement level

Bulk material can be discharged at road level and be placed at basement level, even where there is no direct access for equipment. This avoids the need for slow, labour-intensive use of barrows.

Transferring bulk material from road to mezzanine level

Soil and landscaping material can be discharged at street level and placed at mezzanine level. This overcomes problems of lack of direct access and avoids the need for a crane and kibble. Even where there is direct mezzanine access, a Telebelt provides a faster solution and avoids the congestion of vehicles entering and exiting the site.

Filling behind walls

A Telebelt can backfill in places where there is insufficient access for a loader or excavator to backfill, or where restricted access means that only small equipment can be used, extending the time taken and increasing the cost.

Even where there is machine access.

Transferring material in areas with no machine access

A Telebelt has a small working envelope, meaning that it can be placed through windows, under houses on stumps, beside houses with narrow side access or up slopes too steep for a machine to safely travel on.

Placing concrete for steep driveways

The concrete agitator can discharge concrete at street level, with a Telebelt placing the concrete over the reinforcing mesh. The driveway can be completed in one pour without the hazard of machinery working on slopes and without the need for manual handling.


Applications include backfilling tailings dams, loading train conveyors from stockpile, building and drawing down on temporary stockpiles, and more.


Applications include placing unpumpable concrete, placing bulk materials in areas with no or limited direct access, and more.


MCS has Australia-wide experience in loading a range of bulk materials from general purpose wharves using mobile conveyors.


This equipment suits both fixed and short-term applications, and is as transportable as mobile crushers and screens.


Mobile conveyors are the ideal solution for backfilling over geotextiles without compromising their integrity, and are highly productive.


Commercial and domestic building sites regularly use mobile conveyors to place backfill and other materials in areas with restricted or no vehicle access.

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