Zipline modular ground conveyor

  • modular system using standard components
  • fast set-up
  • low cost

Trailblazer groundline conveyor

  • 152m x 900mm belt
  • stores on a trailer for transport
  • set up in as little as an hour

Jump conveyors

  • wheels for mobility
  • add units as transfer distance changes
  • 6 models 12.19m – 30.48m long

Slide-Pac conveyors

  • stack 3-high for transport
  • wheels for site movement
  • 18.29m, 21.33m or 24.38m long

Stackable conveyors

  • stack for transport for reduced freight costs
  • choice of kick stand or wheels for elevation support
  • 9.14m – 18.28m lengths
  • 600mm, 750mm, 600mm & 1050mm belt widths

Extender conveyors

  • trailer-mounted for easy transport
  • 45.72m, 60.96m & 70.1m extended lengths
  • telescoping and folding extensions (depending on model)