Superior Industries is North America’s largest manufacturer of radial stacking conveyors, and an innovator in this and other types of mobile conveying equipment.

Stacking Conveyors

TeleStacker telescoping radial stacking conveyors

  • models to suit different duty cycles
  • belt widths to 1800mm
  • various mobility options
  • suitable for building large stockpiles without segregation, loading ships and barges

PowerStacker folding radial stacking conveyors

  • fast set-up
  • readily transported

Pinnacle folding radial stacking conveyors

  • high angle and set-back axle for higher volume stockpiles

Radial stacking conveyors

  • fixed length radial stacking conveyors
  • self-contained option

Geotrek track mounted portable stacking conveyor

  • folding boom
  • fits inside 40ft container
  • tethered remote control


TeleStacker shiploaders

  • parallel, radial and inline travel capabilities in one machine
  • up to 4500 tonnes/hr
  • range of mobility options
  • can adapt boom for fixed barge & ship loading applications

Transfer Conveyors

Zipline modular ground conveyor

  • modular system using standard components
  • fast set-up
  • low cost

Trailblazer groundline conveyor

  • 152m x 900mm belt
  • stores on a trailer for transport
  • set up in as little as an hour

Jump conveyors

  • wheels for mobility
  • add units as transfer distance changes
  • 6 models 12.19m – 30.48m long

Slide-Pac conveyors

  • stack 3-high for transport
  • wheels for site movement
  • 18.29m, 21.33m or 24.38m long

Stackable conveyors

  • stack for transport for reduced freight costs
  • choice of kick stand or wheels for elevation support
  • 9.14m – 18.28m lengths
  • 600mm, 750mm, 600mm & 1050mm belt widths

Extender conveyors

  • trailer-mounted for easy transport
  • 45.72m, 60.96m & 70.1m extended lengths
  • telescoping and folding extensions (depending on model)

Truck Unloaders

Razertail truck unloaders - end & bottom dump

  • range of sizes and ramp options
  • model to suit quarry truck

Razertail truck unloader - side dump

  • concept developed with MCS to suit side dump combinations common in Australia

Razerlink mobile stacker

  • combines unloading and stacking in one track-mounted machine
  • access from 3 sides
  • slewing, telescopic discharge conveyor

Loading options

Clay hopper

  • trailer-mounted
  • 2.4m x 6.1m hopper
  • suitable for loading sticky material onto a belt

Dozer trap

  • suitable for loading material from a stockpile using dozers
  • built to order, with belt widths to 1800mm
  • towable on site by dozer

Tunnel reclaimers

  • suitable for loading material from a stockpile using gravity
  • modular construction
  • dome or box section


Ashross specialises in truck and train unloaders

Truck unloaders

R1260 C portable unloader

  • towed between sites
  • self-propelled on site

ST portable unloader

  • electric
  • requires crane for set-up

TIG in ground unloader

  • diesel hydraulic or electric
  • suits side dumps

Train unloaders

RUM portable diesel unloader

  • self-jacking
  • readily transported
  • can walk itself on and off tracks

RUMig3 in ground unloader

  • diesel or electric
  • self-jacking for cleaning and maintenance

RUMsig in ground unloader

  • electric
  • compact single gate design

RUMcd in ground unloader

  • electric
  • high output

Stockpile reclaimer

RC in ground reclaimer

  • electric
  • 3.05m x 3.05m sliding plate system feeding discharge belt
  • standard 1500mm wide,12.19m long discharge belt (6.10m – 30.48m lengths optional)
  • adjustable feed gate
  • variable belt speed
  • can support 15m stockpile
  • plates can be lifted for cleaning & maintenance

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