MCS has embodied innovation through its pioneering role of using Telebelt truck-mounted conveyors for placing bulk materials and loading ships. Telebelts previously had limited use in Australia in placing unpumpable concrete.

Telebelts do not require a direct ground connection between the point of loading the belt and the point of delivery, meaning that there is no requirement for a haul road and the load and delivery points can be on different grades. The boom can telescope into, through, under or over a structure as required.

MCS operates the largest Telebelt in the world, with a 61m reach; and also operates trailer- and tower-mounted Telebelts. It built a tracked prime mover for its trailer-mounted Telebelt for mobility around site without tying up a highway prime mover.

Other mobile equipment

Other mobile equipment

The MCS innovation has extended to the use of radial stackers and track-mounted conveyors to complement the Telebelts, and led to the company taking on distribution of Superior mobile conveying equipment in Australia 
after evaluating a number of brands for their ability to perform reliably and achieve high throughputs. Superior Industries is a recognised innovator with many patents to its name.

MCS has subsequently added distribution of the innovative Ashross truck and train unloaders, and has developed in house design and fabrication facilities to develop and modify other equipment. Machines have been used in combination for ship loading from general purpose wharves.

MCS in house developments

MCS in house developments

Innovations to date have included development of:

  • a pan feeder for loading -600mm rock onto a conveyor for barge loading on a major project
  • a tracked prime mover for moving trailer-mounted equipment on site
  • chutes to slow the discharge velocity and avoid segregation during ship loading hydraulic ramps for a truck loader, and
  • a range of bins to suit particular projects, bulk materials and loading equipment.

With the MCS workshop equipment and trade skills continuing to expand, and with drafting and engineering capabilities on call, MCS will continue to find new solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and reliability and make mobile conveying a technology of choice across a broad range of industries and applications.